aluminum investment casting
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Aluminum Investment Castings

We use the net-shape design flexibility of the lost-wax casting process to provide our international customer base with large, complex aluminum components, reducing the need for costly machining and secondary operations.

Our technical expertise has put us at the forefront of investment casting technology since 1971. Shellcast produces castings for applications used in major aerospace, commercial aviation and defence programs. Our complete to print services include all secondary operations such as precision machining of castings to close tolerances, finishing, painting, plating, impregnation, pressure testing, and hardware installation.

High strength aluminum castings with superior mechanical properties

As part of our Standard Foundry Procedure, all castings produced at Shellcast are poured utilizing controlled alloy chemistry, a robotic pouring arm and controlled solidification chambers, resulting in mechanical properties superior to those obtained with solidification under standard atmospheric conditions.

Rapid solidification process for applications requiring elevated mechanical properties

For requirements with elevated mechanical properties exceeding those obtainable with our standard Controlled Solidification Process, Shellcast provides a proprietary Advanced Rapid Control Solidification Process, during which computer controlled rapid solidification is achieved in a cooling media, ascertaining mechanical properties exceeding those obtainable with our standard Controlled Solidification Process.

Rapid prototyping

We also offer quick turnaround solutions with our rapid prototype system. By converting the patterns produced from a number of different types of rapid prototype processes, we produce castings in as little as 4 weeks by bypassing the delays needed to produce traditional tooling.